Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dissected lies of a Canadian recording industry shill


via BoingBoing:
Canadian Recording Industry Association had its bid to indiscriminately force ISPs to reveal their subscribers' personal information on the mere say-so of a rightsholder. Seeking to contain the crushing defeat of justice, the President of the CRIA (Graham Henderson) gave a press interview where he attempted to spin this as some kind of victory for his side. Michael Geist has fact-checked his ass, revealing the lies and delusions that this shill told the press:

"The judge has determined that uploading, downloading, it's illegal."

Actually, the court did no such thing. Concluding its copyright discussion at paragraph 54, the court says:

"I make no such findings here and wish to make it clear that if this case proceeds further, it should be done on the basis that no findings to date on the issue of infringement have been made."

Once upon a time, on a sunny evening with a distant rainbow in the east, sitting on the wet green lawn near the roses, Albert and Trebla went into an argument AGAIN...

Trebla: Well done, Graham!

Albert: How can you still say well done to Graham? His argument is completely found to be deceptions and illusion by the law professor at the University of Ottawa where he also hold the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law.

Trebla: Listen to me, brother. To be able to decept other, you need to believe that "it" is true first. You need to blindly believe what you are going to say is true and factual, irrespective of the real fact. Graham does that! So he is a good representative of the CRIA1.
1 The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) promotes the interests of Canadian record companies and artists. CRIA represents the producers, manufacturers and distributors of more than 95 per cent of all records produced and sold in Canada. [ref, second last paragraph]

Albert: I have checked that CRIA claims to promote the interests of record companies and artists, but they do not present the artists!

Trebla: Hey, brother, you are learning fast! Exactly, CRIA represents only the interests of the middle man. The mention of artists is part of the overall illusion they try to create.

Albert: OK, Graham blindly believes in what he is saying, so what?

Trebla: Brother, if it were not picked up by popular media such as Boing Boing, how many people would have read Michael's post?

Albert: Well, may be as many as those reading our posts... ok may be slightly more!

Trebla: [smile] Brother, you are learning fast! So from the point of impact to the public opinion, what do you think? Who made a bigger impact? Graham or Michael?

Albert: [thinking] Graham is a press meeting and Micheal is a blog posting... Graham has a larger audience and impact!

Trebla: Exactly. In marketing, you know, by repeating sufficient times, a myth will become a truth.

Albert: Will Graham be sue for misrepresentation of the Judge's finding?

Trebla: When did you last hear of a Judge sueing someone else in discussion about their finding?

Albert: ....

Trebla: Brother, telling lies is part of the marketing and public opinion changing!

Albert: sad....

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