Wednesday, April 20, 2005

WebCT Is Founding Member and Co-Chair of New Open Source/Commercial e-Learning Software Group

From a WebCT press release on March 28, 2005

WebCT Is Founding Member and Co-Chair of New Open Source/Commercial e-Learning Software Group

Company takes action to pioneer e-learning software interoperability

Once upon a time, on a sunny evening with a distant rainbow in the east, sitting on the wet green lawn near the roses, Albert and Trebla went into an argument AGAIN...

Albert: Good news, brother. We are seeing commercial LMS vendor working hand in hand with open source SAKAI project.

Trebla: That only because they know they will not survive if they do not transform themselves.

Albert: Wrong, brother. LMS market is blooming. Industrial analysis is predicting increased spending in e-learning. Why you suggest they will not survive?

Trebla: Brother, look at the situation. From the top end, I mean the international companies which have money will be buying enterprise class LMS like Pathlore, or from those currently dominating their HR departments, like SAP. From the bottom end, the free open source LMS like Moodle is receiving a lot of acceptance. The middle tier LMS (like WebCT) are being squeezed at both ends and forced to focus on no money education institutions. Do you still think they have a bright future?

Albert: but ...

Trebla: Furthermore, like QuestionMark, by playing right in the so call standards drafting organisation, they can influence the development of tools and get their own system to be in line with the emerging standards.

Albert: But, the IMS Tools Interoperability Working Group includes representatives from, JISC, Cocoon Technologies, Indiana University, MIT, Open University, Pearson Education, QuestionMark, The Sakai Project, Sun Microsystems, UC Berkeley, Ufi, University of Michigan and Blackboard. WebCT alone cannot influence the standards drafting process.

Trebla: Yes and no. Remember, all these processes are political laden. I think it is more publicity.

Albert: You are always looking at things from a very negative angle.

Trebla: I am just being careful!


Blogger Scott Leslie said...

Albert, great idea for a blog format, this conversation between you and your twin. For the record, I think Trebla is likely right on this one, but then I guess I ama bit pessimistic too. Cheers, Scott Leslie

22 April, 2005 04:51  

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