Saturday, April 16, 2005


This is a conversation between Albert and Trebla.

Once upon a time, on a sunny evening with a distant rainbow in the east, sitting on the wet green lawn near the roses, Albert and Trebla went into an argument AGAIN...

Albert: We must acknowlege Thiagi for giving us such an good idea for presenting viewpoints.

Trebla: Who cares about Thiagi? It is Igaiht who is the brighter of the two. Just like I am more handsome, smarter and more successful than you.

Albert: Hey, brother, remember I am older than you.

Trebla: Who said that? Human is born evil. I am the elder of us! I am more successful because I am greedy. I knew how to exploit people and I took whatever means necessary to achieve my goal.

Albert: Brother, success is not measured by material rewards. You must also have satisfaction in the work you do, passionate about the people around you and truely believe in the well-being of the human race today and in the future.

Trebla: Ha, Ha. That's why you are still struck in the e-Learning business, Ha Ha.....


Blogger Scott Leslie said...

Albert, couldn't find an email address for you so I thought I'd post it as a comment. I like the format of the new blog, the dialogue with your 'twin,' but I read this blog and all others via their feeds in Bloglines. The problem I seem to be having with this feed is in your use of yellow colouring for certain parts of the text - for whatever reason this text formatting is being preserved in the bloglines aggregator, but when I read your feed it's not against a black background, like on your site, but instead against the white background of my aggregator, making it illegible (at least for me). A small thing, but unless you had seen your feed in an aggregator you may not have known about it, so I thought I'd drop a line. Cheers, Scott Leslie

22 April, 2005 08:32  
Blogger Albert Ip said...

Thanks Scott. I have now updated the style sheet so that it should render correctly for both black and white background.

22 April, 2005 11:10  

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