Sunday, May 01, 2005

Work-for-Hire (Part 3)


Not only Albert found out that his twin brother has earned 2 times the money from his effort, it was a term paper which a student has asked publicly.

Once upon a time, on a sunny evening with a distant rainbow in the east, sitting on the wet green lawn near the roses, Albert and Trebla went into an argument AGAIN...

Albert: Brother, you have lured me to commit a moral crime!

Trebla: What?

Albert: I know that the paper which you paid me to write was a term paper ....

Trebla: Did you know that when you wrote the paper?

Albert: No, but ....

Trebla: So, you did not commit any moral crime. If anyone has, it is ME. So, relax. I am evil anyway!

Albert: still ...

Trebla: I asked you to introduce some grammatical, spelling mistakes and misconceptions. Did you do that?

Albert: yeah ...

Trebla: So, what do you worry about? That student won't get good grade anyway. That would make you easy a little bit, right?

Trebla whispering to himself: In fact, this is my anti-plagiarism tactics.

Albert: What did you say?

Trebla: Nothing.

Albert: The student would have corrected the grammatical and spellings etc. right? He will still get a good mark!

Trebla: No worries. He won't!

Albert: How do you know?

Trebla: If he had care, he would have done the assignment himself. Since he has paid for it, he would just put his name on it and hand it in.

Albert: ...

Trebla: The fundamental problem of plagiarism is the assignment itself. If the teacher has set an assignment based on authentic task, there is no way to have pre-written paper for them to copy. The task of providing the background to freelance writer like you will be so much that it does not worth asking for external help.

Albert: So you are even arguing FOR the student!

Trebla: Brother, do worry! If anyone has committed a moral crime, it would be ME. That's part of the price I pay to be the middle man. Oh, I sold my soul for $40.

Albert: I am sorry for you, brother. I apologise being anger at you. Do you want the $20 back?

Albert handed Trebla a 20-dollar notes:

Trebla: Ha ha ... easy money .... ha ha ...

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