Monday, February 06, 2006

Trebla's two predictions of the future becoming true


TimesOnline has an article Rumours mount over Google's internet plan which makes Trebla look like working for Google.

Once upon a time, on a sunny evening with a distant rainbow in the east, sitting on the wet green lawn near the roses, Albert and Trebla went into an argument AGAIN...

Albert: Hi, since when did you start working for Google?

Trebla: What?

Albert: All your predictions about an alternate Internet and personal storage being distributed online at location other than your own hard disk is now being worked at at Google. They must be buying dark fibre in bulk otherwise they don't need to advertisements for hiring negotiators.
Google placed job advertisements in America and the British national press for "Strategic Negotiator candidates with experience in...identification, selection, and negotiation of dark fibre contracts both in metropolitan areas and over long distances as part of development of a global backbone network".

Trebla: Well, I heard about this long time ago from Robert Cringely.

Albert: Google has been offering large storage capacity for their gmail users (up to 2.6G).
Google has long been rumoured to be planning to launch a PC to retail for less than $100. The Google computers are likely to be low-grade machines that require a connection to Google to be able to perform functions such as word processing and spreadsheet manipulations.

So, the next step will be storing users' personal data, which Google would be quite comfortable.

Trebla: Luck guess, I suppose.

Albert: Are you working for Google?

Trebla: No comment!

Albert: The news paper article asks
Should Google successfully launch an alternative network, it is is theoretically possible for them to block out competitor websites and only allow users to access websites that have paid Google to be shown to their users.

Trebla: Google is smart enough not to do that. Network effect!

Albert: You really sound like you are working for Google.

Trebla: Nope!