Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Australia goes Gitmo


An Indian doctor working in Queensland, Australia who was accused of lenting his prepaid SIM card to his cousin who was involved in the failed bombing plot in UK was released on bail but was arrested again after federal minister of Immigration interfered by canceling his working visa.

Once upon a time, on a sunny evening with a distant rainbow in the east, sitting on the wet green lawn near the roses, Albert and Trebla went into an argument AGAIN...

Albert: I agree with John S. Wilkins that this is interference of nature justice.

Trebla: Are you kidding? That's a golden opportunity to gain political points. Don't you remember the "children overboard" and US-led invasion of Iraqi?

Albert: I don't understand why Australians are happy to elect a liar!

Trebla: Don't say that. You may be arrested for misleading and libel.

Albert: Sorry, I apologize and retract my last comment.

Albert: But frankly, I cannot understand why US citizens have elected George W. Bush and why Australians have elected John Howard!

Trebla: Oh, there are a lot of things we don't know.